Dear players, fans, and the whole PUBG community,

We are very sad to announce that the upcoming BPL Season 9 will have to be canceled.

Unfortunately, due to PUBG Corp. not being able to provide us access to the esports servers for the whole duration of the league we have decided that going back to live public servers is not an option, both due to the fact that our website, database and broadcast production depend on that access and to the fact that we feel that the level of competitive play we have achieved so far would be brought into question.

This season was supposed to be a step forward for our regional scene and we feel that it is not reasonable to invest even more of our own time and resources if we cannot set up a proper infrastructure and ensure competitive conditions to all teams and players.

Cancelation was not an easy decision, but we feel like all other alternatives would be worse. Our goal was always to improve and try to bring world-class esports as close as possible to our region, and currently we feel that it would be impossible to stay true to that goal. We do not want to compromise the quality of our product, and going forward with some half-hearted solutions is just not something we can put our minds and hearts to.

We would like to thank the PUBG Corp. team for their efforts to help us, and we sincerely apologize to all BPL players, fans and the whole regional PUBG community for this situation.