Balkan PUBG League's 9th season is starting soon! It's perfect time to bring back memories of how The Last Dance managed to win 8th season of BPL!

Altough many considered them a serious team, they exceeded the expectations and predictions of the majority, and by winning the BPL managed to get Wildcard for the final qualifying round of the PUBG Continental Searies 5 tournament..
This tournament is the very top of the competitive PUBG and the hottest European "battleground", and our team was of sufficient quality to be in the top 3 of the Western playoffs. With such achievement they managed to qualify for this prestigious tournament worth $250.000 USD.

Regional PUBG, and thus the BPL, has once again shown that it has great talents. We are looking forward to the new campaigns of TLD and other regional teams to major European competitions.
Now it's your turn to prepare emojis of your favorite teams, settle in comfortably and get ready for the ninth season of the best Balkan PUBG!


Prizepool has gotten a little boost. Instead of usual 2.000EUR, prizepool is increased to 3.000EUR.

As of this season, the "regional" countries include Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Players coming from the area of these three countries are no longer considered foreigners.

Trovo is our partner again! All matches will be broadcasted LIVE on our FortunaEsports Trovo and SportKlub Esports TV channels.


You can sign up for the open qualifiers starting from 10.10.2021 until 17.10.2021 on this web-site. Qualifiers will be played between 18.10 and 03.11.2021. Exact dates highly depend on the number of registered teams and will be announced later.



Prize pool of the 9th Season is 3.000 EUR.


  • 1. place: 1.500 EUR
  • 2. place: 750 EUR
  • 3. place: 500 EUR
  • 4. place: 250 EUR

Before the payment of prizes, all taxes, contributions, fees and other administrative costs prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia will be calculated. Prizes are expressed in gross amounts.

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